2017 Summer Camps

We have an incredible lineup of summer camps again this year.  From musical theatre to making fashion, there is no shortage of fun, creative, and educational opportunities at Kat’s Artist Tree.  Space in these camps is often limited, so act fast.  Download our brochure for complete information and registration forms.

Little Artists Camp (ages 2-6)IMGP2854

June 5th – 9th  9:30 – 12:00 …  $165

July 5th – 7th  9:30 – 12:00 …  $125

The Little Artist Camp will bring a combination of Eurythmic, Art, Singing, Dancing and Creative Play.  Children will listen to stories and develop their expression while learning musical and artistic fundamentals in a fun, creative way.  Activities will include Puppet Theatre, Instrument Making, Putting on a Show, and more!

8dc9ad0cb2b3f316be5726b9db1973e2Art Camp I “Exploring Famous Artists” (ages 7+)

June 5th – 9th 9:00-1:30 … $175

All supplies included

Exploring famous artists is lots of fun and a great opportunity to expose even the youngest children to new art processes and techniques.  We are going to create artwork based off the styles of famous artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, and Dale Chihuly.

Musical Theatre Camp (ages 7+)

June 12th – June 23rd 9:00-1:30 … $325

MT Camp photo

This year’s musical theatre camp will take advantage of the fantastic theatre at Kat’s Artist Tree to present a full show including lights, costumes, sound and all of the elements that go into a fully staged theatre production.  This camp will give students the opportunity to use their creative minds and help them learn the basics of stage work, whether it be acting or singing. Students of all experience levels will have a chance to take part in the production, build self-confidence, make lasting friendships, and learn to be a team player.  At the end of the two-week camp students will perform for friends and families in the new Theatre at Kat’s Artist Tree.

Tune/Jingle Writing Camp

(ages 9+)

June 12th – June 16th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Students will be challenged to write a short advertising jingle for simple products like toothpaste, hair care, glue, tape, motor oil, etc.  Over the week they will lay out the step by step process and write some lyrics about the products. They can create a tune and complete music for the lyrics.  At the end of the camp each student will present their jingle.

This exercise also lays the groundwork for students to write longer songs later on. As Barry Manilow writes in his biography, creating a “Hook” or jingle people hear and commit to memory establishes a building block to catchy song writing.


Piano Camp

June 20th – June 23rd … $175

July 11th – July 14th  … $175

9:00 – 1:30

Students in the Piano Camp will be allowed to experience many areas not typically covered in group classes or private lessons.  Examples include music theory, technique building exercises, and musicianship development, as well as exposure to  music from different periods.  In addition, we will have guest pianists visiting the camp to work with the students and give them professional insight into the music making process.

Students must have a minimum of 1 year of piano experience.

Space is limited to 7 students.

Art Camp II “Arts & Crafts Around the World” (ages 7+)

June 26th – 30th 9:00-1:30 … $175

All supplies included

Get ready to discover art from around the world! Art & Crafts techniques from Europe, Africa, North America, Australia, and Asia.

Children can make cool multicultural creations as they learn more about the world around them.  Projects in this camp include Greek Vases from papier mache, Australian / Aboriginal Dot Paintings, Native American 3-dimensional totem, Japanese Origam, and African Animals Art.

Su Vida-0265

Rock Band Camp (ages 11+)

June 26th – June 30th  9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Ever want to be in a band?  Guitar, Piano, Drum, Horn and Voice students can let out their inner rock-star this summer.  Open to intermediate and advanced musicians, this camp is a great opportunity to learn ensemble skills while exploring fun music.   

Dance Camp (ages 7+)

July 5th – July 7th 9:00 – 1:30 … $125

Our Dance camp will familiarize students with different styles of dance such as Hip-Hop, Jazz,  Basic Ballet, and Acro. Each day will focus on each style, giving the students a well -rounded experience and open new horizons for them.  Proper dress code is required, please contact the Academy for details.

Singing / Acting Camp (ages 7+)

July 10th – July 14th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

This camp will give younger students the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with professional performing artists.  Intended for aspiring performers, campers will learn the basics of performing, auditioning, presentation, and dealing with stage fright.  Students will also be working on the professional level equipment available at the Kat’s Artist Tree Theatre.Songwriting Camp-8987-3

Fencing Camp (ages 8+)

July 10th – 14th 9:00 – 1:30 …  $195

Our fencing camp is designed for both beginning and intermediate fencers.  Each day will include a combination of drill, footwork, and electric bounting competition.  This camp is a great way to explore the fantastic challenges of fencing and get fit at the same time.  A limited amount of equipment is available for beginner students.


Sofia Fashion-0088
Retro-Fashion / Modeling Camp
(ages 7-17)

July 17th – July 21st 9:00 – 1:30 … $195

This unique camp opportunity gives students the chance to explore two fun and important areas.  In the Modeling portion of camp students will learn to stand, pose, make eye contact and of course, strut!  Most importantly students will learn the true secret of modeling… being comfortable with yourself.  Campers will learn to work in a variety of costumes and will be able to unleash their inner-designer by creating their own “retro” outfit.  These will include shirts, skirts, and accessories for a complete throwback look.  This camp is an awesome opportunity to get creative and build confidence all in one action-packed week.  Don’t miss out!

Photography Camp (ages 10-18)

July 17th – July 21st 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Camp will focus on getting the right exposure, composition, lighting, posing and how to get tack sharp focus. We will also look at different types of photography such as Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, and more.  Students will end the camp by being the “paparazzi” for the Retro-Fashion / Modeling Camp show.  Students are required to have a digital camera, preferably with manual settings.

Photo Camp-7108

Fine Art Camp: Acrylic Painting (ages 9-16)

July 24th – 28th 9:00-1:30 … $225

All supplies included

Exploring acrylic painting techniques is a wonderful way to get used to the medium. Any time you play with an art material, you become more comfortable with it and you will approach future projects with confidence. Advanced course for kids who want to create their own acrylic painting. Canvas & Acrylic paint are provided .

Voice Performance Camp (ages 12+)

July 24th – 28th 9:00-1:30 … $175

Voice Camp 2016-3144 small

Challenge Your Vocal Abilities!

In this camp, students will learn how to challenge their talent, their ears, and their heart.  We will be working on Solo Singing, bringing out the emotional aspect of performance, and preparing to have a music video made with the Video Camp.  We will also discuss how performance technique varies when singing with live music versus pre-recorded tracks.

New students to Kat’s Artist Tree may need one voice lesson/assessment before signing up for this camp – call office for details

Music Video Making (ages 13+)

July 24th – July 28th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Students in this camp will learn the art of making music videos including recording the song, shooting the video, and editing it into a final product.  We will work alongside the students in the voice camp as our performers.  Check out this first-time camp offering!

Su Vida-0279


or call 623-792-7000.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!