Armand Sanchez ~ Guitar

My musical journey began when I was fairly young.  Although no one in my family was a musician, I was greatly inspired but the music my father played around the house on his old vinyl records.  I picked up the clarinet in the fifth grade and learned how to read music, count, and understand basic theory.  I greatly admire the time I spent with the clarinet, but by the time I became a freshman in High School I was being called to play the guitar.

For the past seven years I have been studying guitar nonstop and have learned variety of styles from rock and pop to blues, jazz, and classical.  I am currently pursuing a performance degree at Arizona State University and am under the private instruction of internationally known guitarist Frank Koonce.  In this time I have taken part in several West Coast tours performing with symphony orchestras.  I have been fortunate to perform in many breathtaking concert halls and to study with master teachers from France, Italy and Russia.  However, nothing is more satisfying to me than sharing the gift of music with others and seeing their eyes light up with passion.  To me, the ability to play music has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I cherish the opportunity to share my experience with others.