Conner Wilson – Guitar

Conner Wilson is an Arizona native who enjoys bringing people together through music. Under the guidance of master guitarist Chuck Hulihan, Conner received a bachelors in Music Education and now teaches as a K-4 music teacher. Conner looks forward to connecting with students in a way that will show them this life-long skill is not only rewarding and enriching, but attainable.

At heart, Conner enjoys spending time simply playing music with others, and has played extensively as a classical guitarist, in bands, in varied groups, and in jazz ensembles. Conner has received recognition for his abilities in guitar performance besides his love for education. He has won the Artist of Promise Music Competition in solo guitar, was awarded scholarships, has gotten leadership recognition awards, and is a favorite guitarist and person in many musicians’ circles around the valley. Conner loves teaching in all ages and looks forward to working with anyone who has ever had a desire to play the guitar.