Daniel Todd Carter ~ Drums

Born in San Jose, CA and raised in Fairfield County, CT, Daniel grew up in a single parent household. His mother did her best to consistently help and nurture his talents and abilities as an artist and musician. He first became a musician by becoming a Drummer at the age of 14 by beginning local Drum lessons with a private teacher and also through his High School band director directly on the snare drum in his school band. He has also had pretty extensive study with some of the most sought after teachers on the planet again in a private context.

After playing in a variety of bands locally in the New York tri-state area, he turned professional in 1992 by beginning to play in his very first professional recording and touring band.  In 1995 he truly became established as an international recording artist working with GRAMMY award winning legendary artist producer and musician David Hentschel whose records sales are in the millions worldwide. He has toured nationally throughout the U.S.A and the Caribbean. He also owns and operates a private recording studio filled with vintage and modern equipment and manages and maintains a small global DIY record label and has released three compelling solo albums on that label. Daniel’s drumming can be heard on national and international releases all over the world and literally thousands of people have heard his Drumming in one form or another.

Daniel is also a very accomplished multi-media fine artist painter and illustrator who creates fantastic visionary Sci-Fi / Fantasy surrealism and incredible spiritual revelation art. He has been often called an awesome and truly unique artist and musician who can literally turn heads regarding his drumming. He has been recognized by his peers as a ferocious drummer who can play savagely but can also play sensitively and poignantly with an extreme understanding of dynamics. He is always in service to the music he plays and his groove always cuts through while totally serving any song with class. Daniel is also Senior Pastor of The Revelation of Jesus Christ Church located in Phoenix, AZ and has services weekly.  When not actively playing or working Daniel enjoys camping with his family, hiking in the mountains and working out at his local YMCA. He currently resides in Buckeye, AZ with his wife Judith and his son Joshua Samuel.