Donovan Perez – Art

Donovan Perez is a local visual artist from Goodyear, Arizona. He has been creating art since the age of five and has ever since followed and developed his artistic aspiration and abilities. Donovan has an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts and has plans on transferring to Arizona State University to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in animation.

Donovan is an illustrator as well as a fine arts artist. He mainly works in digital but is also able to work in traditional mediums. Donovan’s work is heavily inspired by Western and Japanese animation and comics. He is currently a freelance artist and has developed designs for local rock bands and local businesses. In his spare time Donovan studies other artists’ works as a means to improve his own work and develop a unique style.

Donovan has been commissioned by the city of Goodyear to develop a coloring book that will focus on the rich history and events of Goodyear. This coloring book will be distributed for the city’s 75th anniversary as well as preserved as part of Goodyears history.