Elisa Egli

Elisa grew up in the wild Alaskan wilderness. Despite the lack of resources and opportunities available to her as an aspiring actress and musician, Elisa was determined to realize her dreams for herself as an artist.

Elisa has performed for international figures such as Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and has toured Europe and the state of Alaska as a performing artist. Elisa is a multitalented artist and musician who specializes in Flute, Piano, and Vocal performance and pedagogy.  She is also passionate about theatrical arts and film.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Elisa went to New York City where she performed in numerous events.  Elisa believes in these mediums so passionately that she cannot wait to share and help others to discover the same appreciation and love for music and the arts that she has found! 

She isn’t only interested in music however! Elisa also loves movies, pizza, animals, making new friends, and seeing new places… like Arizona! 

She hopes to eventually obtain a Master’s degree, and work as an actress full time. In the meantime she loves studying, learning, making music and art, and teaching!