Ewa Kobacka-Bugala ~ Visual Arts

Ewa was born and raised in Poland where she received her art education. When she moved to New York City she stayed involved with art and her creativity bloomed when she work as an artist-designer for a commercial decorating company where she held a head designer position. After moving to Arizona she worked for the Phoenix Art Group (PAG) as a designer for almost 11 years.  She used her studio name -Georgie- to create and publish her artwork. As an artist, Ewa is fascinated with all art techniques and always explores new avenues to express herself and seeks new opportunities. Her favorite artist of all times is Leonardo Da Vinci with his Renaissance open mind and various interests. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the European movements and styles. As an artist Ewa uses multiple art techniques: drawing, color pencils, acrylic, oil, and collage.

She works as a private art instructor for adults and kids. Having two kids on her own, a son and a daughter, she has a better understanding of combining a job of being a mom and an artist. Ewa’s artwork is housed in various private collections in Poland, United Kingdom, and around the United States. Because Ewa is always open to learning and exploring new art techniques she is delighted to share her knowledge and experience with others.

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