Jenny Bement ~ Brass & Guitar

Jennifer was born in Laredo, Texas and was raised in Glendale, AZ from the age of two. She was born into a musically inclined and artistic home. Music and arts have played a major part of her upbringing. Suffering from a learning disability, Jenny was unable to learn and had little interest in school other than the art programs at school, which she greatly excelled. Her parents then decided that they would enroll her into band. This would then eventually help her become a great teacher by teaching others who struggle with concepts and has really helped to be an asset in her teaching style and teaching abilities.

In high school, Jenny could be a part of the Future Teachers of America program and train with classroom teachers in how to create a unified environment for children with disabilities. She was also able to audition and become a leader within her high school band. This really helped train Jenny for future endeavors and leadership training for other high school students.

For the last thirteen years, Jenny has been able to work with a multitude of high schools in the West valley community to offer her services as a marching band coach and music consultant. She has also worked as a consultant at Maryvale high school to help develop key strategies for the music student’s leadership to grow and succeed all programs.

Jenny attended Glendale Community college for six years and transferred to Ottawa University to study Secondary Music education. While at Glendale Community college Jenny studied under the incomparable Bill Humert.