Joel Rivas ~ Cartooning

Joel Rivas was born and raised in West Phoenix, AZ. Joel has a degree in Visual Arts from The Art Institute. He currently lives in the suburbs of West Phoenix with his wife, 2 daughters and his guitars. 

Joel is a sketch artist and cartoonist that mostly works with pen and ink. His subject matter is mostly Latin-tinged SciFi and the occasional social commentary piece. Joel’s interest in art started at age 4. His work is featured on six issues of the hero comic book “The Comic Bug” that is published by a local indie comic book publisher.

He was also commissioned by Upper Deck trading cards to hand draw a complete set of officially licensed Marvel comics collectable trading cards. These cards were randomly inserted in various Marvel comics trading cards that were distributed at various Comic-Con conventions.

In November 2015, Joel drew a somber and emotional editorial cartoon in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris. This piece was posted on social media on the same night as the incident. The editorial piece went viral overnight throughout Europe and the Americas. It created countless commentaries, discussions and arguments along the way.

Joel is currently working on content for his online tee-shirt store and is also collaborating on a promotional social media campaign for a local firm. You can can find an article that features his work and more about him on the online art magazine You can follow Joel’s work on Facebook at “Joel Rivas Cartoonist and Illustrator” and on Instagram at @jrivaselcapitan.