Mikaela Perez ~ reception

Mikaela has had a love for music ever since she was young. Her passion for music has led her to the Valley Youth Theatre when she was at the age 12. At the Valley Youth Theatre, she performed in the musical The Jungle Book where she was King Louis. That’s when Mikaela decided to pursue the arts even more. Throughout Mikaela’s years she has performed with Take Five dance company, The Phoenix Girls Chorus, Phoenix Conservatory of Music, and Kats Artist Tree. Mikaela has been a student at Kats Artist Tree for about 6 years now, where she has got the chance to perform multiple times and work with a lot of amazing teachers that Kats has to offer. She will also be attending college in the spring where she will be Majoring in becoming a Musical Therapist. She looks forward to working with Kats and helping others express their love for the Arts.