Summer Nickerson ~ Piano, Office Assistant

Summer Benton Nickerson is a musicologist whose focus is 20th century American music and politics. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Chico in Music Education and a Master’s degree in Music History and Literature from California State University, Sacramento. In graduate school, Summer taught piano lessons at the Napa School of Music in Napa, CA. She has been teaching courses online and on campus at various colleges in the Bay Area and Arizona since 2009. These courses include Music Appreciation (Western Music), American Music, African American Music, World Music and Music Fundamentals. Summer currently participates as a choir member (alto) in showcase performances with the Arizona Musical Theater Orchestra. As well, she is on the board of directors for Triad Performing Arts of Arizona. 

Summer is excited to be joining the team at Kat’s Artist Tree as an office assistant and private piano instructor!