creative movement (ages 2.5 – 4.5)

This class is for beginners just starting out.  We will explore a variety of barre exercises, various ballet movements, along with creative and fun choreography.  It will be a great time for your kids to have fun and experience being a ballet dancer, all while learning as we dance

ballet I ( ages 5 – 9)

Six to ten year olds who want to begin learning the basics of great ballet dancing will enjoy this class as we discover and learn the technique of classical ballet. From floor work to ballet barre exercises to classical choreography, your child will be delighted to discover the art of classical ballet. Not only will we explore the physical aspects of great ballet technique, but will also integrate a variety of terms within the dance environment, and learn about other historical and modern classical ballet dancers and dances, all in a fun, explorative, and creative environment.

ballet II (ages 10+)

Ballet III is a class for more advanced ballet students. Admission into this class is by audition and/or instructor approval only. This will not only explore all aspects of Ballet II, but will continue to build upon great classical technique of ballet dancing and performance.

ballet III / pointe

This troupe will focus on a short warm-up time with the majority of the hour devoted to working on dance pieces that will be used for recitals and other performances throughout the year. Admittance into the Dance Performing Troupe will be by audition only. We will be traveling to scheduled places to perform our dance pieces. Commitment is a requirement and key to this group since we will depend on every body to be present in order to be able to put together choreographic pieces in a professional manner. As well, it is paramount that your dancer be able to travel or find travel arrangements to the different venues where we will perform as one person missing will have an effect on the overall performances we do. If your dancer cannot commit to practice times, be able to travel to performance venues, or if they miss several performances, they may be dismissed from the troupe.