Children’s Dance Division

About the Program

In our Children’s Division, students will enjoy learning musicality, coordination, and foundational dance skills, all from our age and level appropriate curriculum. Dance training provides countless benefits. Brain development, teamwork, memorization, coordination, confidence, and an instilled lifelong love of dance, are just some of the take-aways we believe our students will find in our Children’s Division. We utilize a dance dress code, modest costuming, and appropriate music and movements in all classes. Every student has the opportunity to perform in two dance showcases annually, celebrating each student’s progress and hard work.

Level Advancement

Advancement from level to level is based on annual evaluations of the individual student’s technical ability, strength, classroom effort and attendance, and is determined by the student’s instructor.

It is important to note that advancement is a unique process for each individual. Above all, students will be placed in a level that will allow for challenging study without placing the physical health and emotional well-being of the child at risk. Student progress is also evaluated on an ongoing basis and level adjustments will be made throughout the year when warranted.


Throughout the school year, students participate in Dance Showcases performed in Kat’s Artist Tree’s Theater. We look forward to celebrating all our students have learned in class and seeing them shine on stage! Performances are an exciting and valuable part of a student’s dance education. Participation is a mandatory part of the dance curriculum. 

In addition to Dance Showcases, our students have a unique opportunity to perform alongside Triad Performing Arts of Arizona, a partner non-profit organization of Kat’s Artist Tree. Triad performs two large scale productions locally each year. All dance students are invited and encouraged to audition! Visit to view upcoming shows and sign up for audition notifications.


Boys and Girls age 3-5 Preschool aged students are introduced to ballet in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Dancers learn basic ballet technique, musicality, and coordination, all through creative storytelling and imaginative play. Ballet class etiquette is introduced to develop self-confidence and discipline in the dancer, all while fostering their love for ballet. This is … Continue reading Pre-Ballet

Ballet Level 1

Boys and Girls ages 5-7 Beginning ballet technique and terminology are introduced. Students learn correct ballet placement, musicality and grace, as well as build strength and flexibility. Class consists of floor exercises, traveling across the room, and occasional barre work. These ballet fundamentals equip the student to progress to Ballet 2 with a working knowledge … Continue reading Ballet Level 1

Ballet Level 2

Boys and Girls age 8+ Ballet for this age group reinforces the concepts learned in Ballet 1, and introduces the students into the traditional ballet class format of barre followed by center exercises. Students develop their understanding of ballet alignment, and develop strength and flexibility needed for ballet. 

Tap & Jazz ages 7+

This upbeat combination class gives students an opportunity to learn two different styles in a 55 minute session. Ideal for beginners, dancers are introduced to rhythm, tempo and musicality in Tap, while building skills and foundations in Jazz. Combination classes are a great way to discover the dance world, gain strength, and make new friends. 

Tap Dance

A uniquely American dance form, Tap draws on influences from around the world. This rhythmic and energetic style uses special shoes with metal caps on the toes and heels which dancers use to created a percussive-rhythmic effect with each step.