Our Teachers & Staff

Kat’s Artist Tree has the best teachers available in their discipline.  Every one of our teachers is an expert in their field and have a passion for passing their knowledge on to their students.  Most importantly, they are loved and respected by our students.  An Academy is only as good as its teachers, and we have the best!  Learn more about the fantastic family of Kat’s Artist Tree teachers below:

Armand Sanchez ~ Guitar

My musical journey began when I was fairly young.  Although no one in my family was a musician, I was greatly inspired but the music my father played around the house on his old vinyl records.  I picked up the clarinet in the fifth grade and learned how to read music, count, and understand basic … Continue reading Armand Sanchez ~ Guitar

Alyssa Craft ~ Dance

Alyssa Craft was born in Columbus, Ohio and started dancing the age of 4. She quickly fell in love with the Art and continued with a new studio when she moved to Arizona at the age of 8.  Through this new studio where Alyssa was fortunate to receive a wide range of experience including competing … Continue reading Alyssa Craft ~ Dance

Filip Voia-Tipei ~ Drums

Born and raised in Romania, Filip Voia-Tipei grew up in a musical environment from an early age. At the age of 7, he was enrolled into a music school and studied violin for the next few years. While there, he won several local and national competitions. This helped establish a strong musical education and performing … Continue reading Filip Voia-Tipei ~ Drums

Ewa Medynska ~ Fencing

Ewa Medynska has been coaching internationally and locally for 21 years. She was a fencing coach in AZS Wroclaw and AZS-AWF Wroclaw team (both are academic sporting clubs) from 1990 to 1996. The fencers trained by her achieved high scores in junior’s classifications and tournament in Poland and Europe. Ewa held also duties in the … Continue reading Ewa Medynska ~ Fencing

Kathy Smith ~ Piano & Harp

Although her professional career was in the field of Nursing, Mrs. Smith has been an active student and performing musician since the age of eight.  She has experience with a wide array of instruments including Accordion, Organ, Piano, and Celtic Harp as well as Singing.  Mrs. Smith has been an active church musician  since the … Continue reading Kathy Smith ~ Piano & Harp

Elisa Egli

Elisa grew up in the wild Alaskan wilderness. Despite the lack of resources and opportunities available to her as an aspiring actress and musician, Elisa was determined to realize her dreams for herself as an artist. Elisa has performed for international figures such as Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, and has toured Europe and the state … Continue reading Elisa Egli

Dalton Attig

Dalton is a new addition to Arizona, after leaving his lifelong home of Illinois. He is thrilled to have the opportunity of becoming part of the Kat’s Artist Tree family. Dalton first became interested in music at the age of 13 when his parents bought him a guitar for Christmas, it didn’t take much time … Continue reading Dalton Attig