Group Music Classes

Group Classes are the most affordable way to begin learning an instrument. Our music teachers are excellent educators who make the class meaningful for every student while ensuring that the class progresses as a whole. Most group classes are available for multiple skill levels to suit beginners to advanced students and meet once a week.


Many musicians consider Piano the most important instrument to learn for building a strong musical foundation. Kat’s Artist Tree offers Piano classes for student as young as 4 years old. Click to learn more about our Group Piano classes. Group Piano classes give students a way to learn at their own pace while sharing the experience with others. Our teachers work individually with each student in group of 6-8 based on age and skill level. We offer three levels of group classes for piano with classes for children as young as 4 years old. Students will learn to read music, basic music theory, and will perform at regular intervals throughout the year both in class and publicly.


In many ways, the guitar has become the most important instrument in modern music. Our Guitar classes give students the opportunity to learn this instrument in a fun, encouraging group setting.. Most Group Guitar classes just teach students how to play chords and read simplified notation. At Kat’s Artist Tree, our guitar students are held to the same standard as every other instrument. That means learning how to read real music and properly play scales and melodies.

We offer three levels of classes t meet every student’s needs. Don’t take shortcuts when learning the Guitar – Come to Kat’s Artist Tree.


The Musical Theatre class teachers students a variety of disciplines including voice, dance and acting. Students ages 9 and up learn pieces, write their own musicals and spend a large amount of class time performing.

The Musical Theatre Class combines several disciplines into one group setting. Students learn proper vocal technique for singing and speaking, acting, dancing, and more. Past classes have written their own plays/musical and this class focuses on performing on a regular basis. For budding performers this class is a chance to find creative ways to express themselves and experience the wide variety of material from the world of Musical Theatre.


For young singers, out Group Voice class provides a firm foundation in good technique as well as exposure to a variety of musical styles and repertoire.

The Group Voice class provides an affordable alternative to private voice lessons. Students spend an hour every week developing their vocal instrument through proper breathing techniques and posture. The class will introduce many vocal warm-up and extension exercises and students will work on individual solo pieces.


Dalcroze classes focus on learning the elements of music through active listening and response through natural movement. These classes serve as an introduction to music for young children before they take instrumental lessons. And many children keep attending classes while studying their instruments – that is where they experience the theory and ear-training components of their musical development.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics offers a creative approach to learning music through body movements. Children explore musical concepts such as beat, tempo, rhythm patterns, dynamics, ear-training, and musical form, all through movement. Listening and singing games using solfege syllables (doh, re, mi) are part of the older age group classes.