Kat’s Classical Ballet Pre-Professional Division

About the Program

For boys and girls ages 8 and up. Admission into the Pre-Professional Division is by audition only.

Our Pre-Professional Division is designed to equip growing artists with a working knowledge of classical ballet technique in a nurturing, safe environment that enables each student to reach their individual dance goals. Created for the serious ballet student, PPD dancers are highly motivated, professional, and committed. This program encompasses Ballet Levels 3-6. Advancement from level to level is based not by age, but by evaluating the student’s physical ability, strength, classroom effort, and attendance. 

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Throughout the school year, students participate in Dance Showcases performed in Kat’s Artist Tree’s Theater. We look forward to celebrating all our students have learned in class and seeing them shine on stage! Performances are an exciting and valuable part of a student’s dance education. Participation is a mandatory part of the dance curriculum. 

In addition to Dance Showcases, our students have a unique opportunity to perform alongside Triad Performing Arts of Arizona, a partner non-profit organization of Kat’s Artist Tree. Triad performs two large scale productions locally each year. All dance students are invited and encouraged to audition! Visit www.triadaz.org to view upcoming shows and sign up for audition notifications.

Summer Intensive and Master classes

Kat’s Classical Ballet offers a one-week intensive training program every July geared towards serious ballet students ages 12 – 18 who have a passion for dance and are ready to achieve a new level of artistic excellence.

Over the course of the week, students will train under Kat’s Artist Tree Dance Director, Bonnie Calvert, Kat’s Artist Tree faculty members, and other renowned guest teachers. Our classes provide high caliber training in a creative and artistic environment. We offer a well-rounded selection of classes including Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Modern, and Jazz. 

Master Classes 

We are committed to providing an inspiring and exciting dance experience for our students. As part of this, we welcome master guest teachers to our studio once a quarter to share on a multitude of topics. These teachers are highly knowledgeable and we are honored for them to bring their wide range of expertise and experiences to share with our studio. 

For upcoming Master Class event details, email bonnie@katsartisttree.com. 

PPD Ballet Level 3

Level 3 students continue their ballet training through technique classes twice a week. More complex combinations are given as students progress. Ballet classes follow the traditional format of barre followed by center exercises. Correct placement, turnout, musicality, and terminology memorization continue to be emphasized. Dancers are equipped to learn more advanced choreography and performance skills. 

PPD Ballet Level 4

Students advanced to Level 4 based on their ability to execute technique properly. In addition to ballet technique, dancers partake in a variety of classes to advance their training. Stretch and Strength class provides dance conditioning. Pre-Pointe is introduced, and students may be promoted to pointe at teacher’s discretion. Dancers take Contemporary to develop expression … Continue reading PPD Ballet Level 4

PPD Ballet Level 5

Level 5 is designed for students who have gained a solid technical foundation and knowledge of ballet. Students take one-and-a-half-hour ballet technique classes two times a week, in addition to Stretch and Strength, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Pointe. Musicality and artistry are promoted through choreography and learning classical ballet variations. 

PPD Ballet Level 6

Level 6 is designed for advanced ballet students who have shown proficiency in technique, pointe work,  and have the capacity to execute complex choreography. Students train a minimum of 6 hours a week in Ballet, Pointe, Conditioning, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap. Choreography class provides an in depth opportunity to learn and perfect dances for the … Continue reading PPD Ballet Level 6

Contemporary Ballet (Levels 4, 5, 6)

Contemporary is a blend of classical and modern styles with a solid ballet foundation. Students explore improvisation, expression, story-telling, and movement dynamics through exercises and choreography. Contemporary technique focuses on spatial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, and turns. This class requires a high level of ballet proficiency. 

Jazz & Tap (Levels 3-6)

Pre-Professional Dancers Level 3+ have the opportunity to train in Jazz and Tap. This class focuses on rhythm, musicality, and movement execution. Influenced by Broadway, dancers learn lively, high-energy choreography that challenges their technique. Training in a variety of dance styles create skilled, adaptable, and well-rounded dancers. This class requires a high level of ballet … Continue reading Jazz & Tap (Levels 3-6)

Stretch & Strength (Levels 3-6)

Designed especially for dancers who want to gain flexibility and control. Stretch and Strength provides the extra cardio, muscle development, and cross-training students need to prevent injuries, continue on pointe, and excel in their dance classes.