Recording Studio

Recording Instruction

We offer group and private instruction in traditional multitrack recording techniques including synthesis, sampling and beat creation.  Students learn in our new in-house professional recording studio featuring top-quality equipment and the latest software systems.  Recording students will learn:

  • History of recording including analog systems
  • Physics of sound and how that relates to recording
  • Digital systems: A/D conversion, Sampling Rates, etc.
  • multitrack recording and mixing
  • EQ, compression and processing for the best possible sound
  • MIDI, Synthesis, Sampling and sound design
  • “Beat creation” utilizing a combination of MIDI and Audio recording
  • Live sound techniques

Recording Sessions

Individuals may also schedule time to record within the studio at Kat’s Artist Tree.  Artists may capture their original works, record vocals to a pre-recorded track or collaborate with others on an entire multi-track project.