Announcing Pre-Professional Ballet

Introducing a new Ballet Curriculum

Kats Artist Tree is thrilled to announce our new Pre-Professional Ballet company under our new dance director Ms. Bonnie Calvert!

We have always been recognized as a leader in high-quality creative instruction.  Our already high standards are reaching a new level with courses specifically designed for serious ballet students – fulfilling a need in the West Valley.

  • More classes, at more advanced levels
  • A professional training program that includes Technique, Pointe, Stretch, and more
  • Premier performance opportunities for students
More announcements are coming
about performance opportunities 
for our students

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Meet our new Dance Director

Please join us in welcoming Bonnie Calvert to the teaching staff at Kat’s Artist Tree as our new Dance Program Director.  Bonnie is an experienced Ballerina who has performed around the world.  From 2016-2019, Bonnie worked as a dance specialist in Puyallup, Washington, creating pre-pointe and pointe programs as well as developing and training dance teachers. At Kat’s Artist Tree, Ms. Bonnie’s experience will help shape our growing curriculum while guiding each Dancer toward success.

We are thrilled to welcome Ms.Bonnie as part of the team alongside our long-time teacher Ms. Alyssa.  We look forward to announcing additional staff members and guest artists in the coming weeks.

We’re expanding our Dance Room

We’ve Renovated our Dance ClassroomWe’ve been busy during lockdown by completely remodeling our dance room.  The space is outfitted as a truly professional dance room:

  • Our Dance Room is now twice its previous size
  • We’ve installed a Sprung Floor
  • The entire floor is covered in Marley Surface for added traction and technique

Stay tuned for additional BEFORE & AFTER pictures of the dance room to see its incredible change!

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Face Masks now Required

We care about the health and safety of all of our students, staff, teachers, and family.  As COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise, we are implementing important requirements to ensure the safety of everyone at Kat’s Artist Tree.

  • Effective June 20, 2020, all staff and students are REQUIRED to wear face coverings (mask or shield) within Kat’s Artist Tree.
  • All parents/non-students are asked to wait in their cars during lessons/classes

Studies have shown that a face covering is the single most effective method of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  In keeping with our local government mandates, we feel that this is the only responsible way for Kat’s Artist Tree to continue to see students in person.

  • All students still have the option of attending classes online, via ZOOM.  Attendance in person is only an option for families who feel comfortable in this environment and are willing to wear the required face coverings.

Please help us do our part by following these requirements and staying home if you exhibit any symptoms of infection.  On our part, we will continue to step up our cleaning procedures and monitor our staff for symptoms daily to keep everyone safe.

We appreciate the entire community that makes Kat’s Artist Tree such an incredible place and and urge you to stay healthy!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.


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