Dance Showcase – BOTH SHOWS SOLD OUT

Dear Families, 

We’d like to announce that both showtimes for the dance showcase happening tomorrow are officially SOLD OUT. Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm! Don’t forget that a recording of the performance may be purchased for $15 for loved ones that may be unable to attend. 

See you tomorrow for an amazing performance! 

Kat’s Artist Tree

Dance Showcase – First Show SOLD OUT

Dear Dance Families, 

We hope you are excited for the upcoming showcase this Saturday! We’d like to announce that tickets to the 5:30 PM show are officially SOLD OUT and there are only a limited amount of seats remaining for the 7 PM showtime. If you have not yet purchased your tickets, please be sure to get them as soon as possible. We’d be sad to have to turn any one away on the day of the show! As a reminder, tickets are available at a rate of $10 per ticket and can be purchased in person, over the phone, or via email (email for quickest response). A digital recording of the performance may also be purchased for $15. 

Kat’s Artist Tree

2022 Fall Music Recitals

Dear Families, 

After much anticipation, we are excited to share with you the schedule for our October Music recitals!!! Below you will find the scheduled times for all of our teacher’s students. Tickets for the recitals will be available for purchase at rate of $10 a piece starting Monday 10/19. Tickets may be purchased over the phone, in person or via email (email for quickest response). 

Additionally, we will be continuing to offer a digital recording of the recital(s) for purchase. All of the recitals will be video-taped on the day of the show in 4K Ultra-HD and available for purchase for $15. A great way to preserve the memory of the performance!

Thurs 10/20
6:30 PM – Kat’s Group Students

Friday 10/21
5 PM – Laura & Catherine’s Students
6:30 PM – Michael’s Students

Saturday 10/22
12:30 PM – Heather, Sarah, Joe & Nathan’s Students
2 PM – Bonnie (piano), Isabelle and Zoie’s Students
3:30 PM – Nicky, Madison & Mark’s Students
5 PM – Jon’s Students

Sunday 10/23
3 PM – Bob’s Students
5 PM – Kevin and Michelle’s Students
6:30 PM – Kat’s Private Students

Tuesday 10/25
6:30 PM – McKenna’s Group Voice Students + Group Acting

Wed 10/26
6:30 PM – Filip’s Students

Friday 10/28
6 PM – McKenna’s Private Students 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have either in response to this email, in person, or via phone call at 623-792-7000. We hope you are as excited as we are! 

Kat’s Artist Tree