Abbi Robertson ~ Piano

Abbi was born and raised in the West Valley, and she has served there as a piano instructor since the age of 14. Abbi started piano lessons herself when she was six and she fell in love with the instrument instantly. She takes much joy in sharing music with others, and some of her favorite performances have been works of Beethoven, Grieg, Chopin, David Nevue, and Jon Schmidt. Abbi has performed at multiple PTMA events and has participated in the Arizona Study Program. She has also received instruction on the cello, and has taken an interest in performing vocally in recent years. Abbi has always had a love for teaching, and at the start of her high school year she had the desire to share the joy of music with those in her community. She has been giving piano lessons to students of all ages ever since. Abbi considers becoming a music educator to be the best thing to ever happen to her and she looks forward to teaching many more generations of musicians.