October ’21 Music Recitals

Dear Families,

We are thrilled to announce the dates and times for our October Music Recitals! Tickets for in-person attendance will go on sale this Wednesday, September 15th and may be purchased via phone, email, or during your next visit to KAT’s. Additionally, recitals will continue to be recorded in 4K Ultra HD and available as a digital download for purchase. Pricing information and the recital schedule are listed below:


  • In-person tickets: $10 each (on sale starting Wed 9/15)
  • Digital Video Download: $15 (must be ordered by Wed 10/13)

Recital Schedule

Wednesday October 20th
6:30 PM – Filip’s Students and Rock Band

Thursday October 21st
6:30 PM – Kat’s Group Classes

Friday October 22nd
5:00 PM – Michael’s students
6:30 PM – Kevin’s students

Saturday October 23rd
12:30 PM – Heather & Nicky’s students2:00 PM – Christian, Sidni, Michelle, & Joe’s students
3:30 PM – Jon’s students
5 PM – Bonnie, Nathan, Sarah, & Catherine’s students
6:30 PM – Laura & Madison’s students

Sunday October 24th
2:00 PM – McKenna’s Students
3:30 PM – McKenna’s Students
4:30 PM – Bob’s Students
6:00 PM – Kat’s Private Students
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at 623-792-7000.

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