Bob Strahota ~ Piano, Guitar, & Voice

For many years, I was an amateur musician in the truest sense of the word, pursuing music simply because I loved it, even though I often was not very good at it.  With the exception of several months of guitar lessons where I learned basic major, minor and 7th chords, I was mostly self-taught.

By my early 20’s I had dropped out of college, working as a teacher’s aide with “at risk” kids, and playing guitar in a band.  When our lead singer moved out of state, we played some gigs with me singing lead.  After a couple of weeks the rest of the band members kindly (but emphatically!) suggested that I take some voice lessons.  I took their advice, and eventually enrolled at Phoenix College as a music major.  Two years later, I transferred to ASU School of Music, first pursuing a degree in Music Education/Choral Music, but switching after that first year to Vocal Performance. 

After college I worked for almost 20 years as a music director at various churches in the greater Phoenix area.  We did everything from Gregorian chant and traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs, Gospel and world music styles.  I’ve worked with large, formal choirs and small orchestral ensembles, as well as modern worship bands, youth and children’s choirs.  Within that context, I have also been teaching voice, guitar, piano and music theory to individuals and groups.