Catherine Kessler ~ Voice & Piano

Catherine Kessler has taken private voice and piano lessons from Katarzyna Honsberger for over a decade, where she has studied a wide range of pieces, from Classical to modern.

She has had several years of experience teaching piano and voice to young students in the West Valley area, helping to nurture their understanding of musical comprehension and theory. She led the St. Henry choir for two years, where she helped to guide the members to find confidence in their voices and help them strive toward their potential with a greater enjoyment of their natural talents.

Catherine has performed in a wide range of venues over the years, and she loves to discover new cultures and ideas through the universal language of music. She believes that the study and practice of music is an essential and beautiful part of understanding humanity, and she loves to share that with others.

Catherine is currently in college and hopes to further her musical career in the future through teaching and continued personal study. She looks forward to sharing her love of music with the students at Kat’s Artist Tree.