Kat’s Artist Tree announces our NEW DANCE PROGRAM

Kat’s Artist Tree announces our NEW DANCE PROGRAM

Beginning in February Kat’s Artist Tree is launching a completely revised dance program. Our new program will offer more variety, more challenging classes, and a stronger focus on performance including competitions.

Join us for TEN DAYS OF DANCE Jan. 22-31 – during this limited time students can UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS of our dance classes.

New classes include TAP DANCE (Levels 1 & 2), MOVE & GROOVE (for pre-schoolers), and a new DANCE COMPANY focused on performance opportunities.

In addition, we are pleased to introduce an ADULT BARRE FITNESS class. Drawing from Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates, Barre Fitness is the newest way to get in amazing shape. You don’t need any dance experience to enjoy this low-impact class.

Come for a FREE TRIAL OF ADULT BARRE FITNESS (with free babysitting) on January 27th from 9-10am.

Call Kat’s Artist Tree @ 623-792-7000 or learn more about our new classes at https://katsartisttree.com/dance-classes/