Spring 2023 Music Recitals

Dear Families,

We are excited to share with you the schedule for our upcoming music recitals that will be taking place in May!! Below you will find the scheduled times for all of our teacher’s students. Tickets for the recitals are now available for purchase and may be bought over the phone, in person or via email (email dalton@katsartisttree.com for quickest response) at a rate of $10 per ticket.

Additionally, we will be continuing to offer a digital recording of the recitals for purchase. All of the recitals will be video-taped on the day of the show in 4K Ultra-HD and available for purchase for $15. A great way to preserve the memory of the performance!

Wed 5/10
6:30 PM – Filip’s Students

Thurs 5/11
6:30 PM – Thursday Group Voice Classes

Fri 5/12

6:30 PM – Cast Recital for Students Performing in Annalie

Sat 5/13

12:30 PM – Zoie and Sarah’s Students

2 PM – Heather, Bonnie (Piano Students) and Nicky’s Students

3:30 PM – Madison, Isabelle, Catherine, Michelle’s Students
5 PM – Jon’s Students

Sun 5/14
3 PM – Bob and Nathan’s Students
5 PM – Kevin and Eliana’s Students

Fri 5/19
5 PM – McKenna’s Students (Private + Group Voice)
6:30 PM – Michael

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