2023 Fall Music Recitals

Hello families,

We are thrilled to announce the dates and times for our Fall Music Recitals! Tickets will go on sale this Monday, September 25, and may be purchased via phone, email, or during your next visit to KAT’s. Pricing information and the recital schedule are listed below:

  • Tickets: $10 each (on sale starting Monday, 9/25)


6:30: Mr. Filip and Mr. Isaac’s students


6:30: Ms. Kat’s Group Voice Classes

FRIDAY, 10/20

5:00: Ms. McKenna’s students

6:30: Mr. Michael’s students


12:30: Ms. Abbi, Ms. Sarah and Ms. Heather’s students

2:00: Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Madison and Ms. Michelle’s students 

3:30: Mr. Nicky, Ms. Isabelle and Ms. Catherine’s students

5:00: Mr. Kevin and Ms. Taylor’s students

SUNDAY, 10/22

3:00: Mr. Bob, Mr. Nathan and Ms. Eliana’s students

5:00: MrJon and Ms. Whitney’s students

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at 623-792-7000 or email us at office@katsartisttree.com. 

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