2018 Summer Camps Enrolling Now

We are super-excited about this years summer camp schedule.  In 2018 we are offering more camps than ever in Music, Dance, Art and beyond.  Descriptions of each camp are available on our dedicated 2018 Summer Camp page or you can download our full brochure here: 2018 Summer Camp Brochure

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Art Technique

Fencing Camp

Dance Camp

Little Artists Camp (3-6 years old)


Musical Theatre

Theatre Tech

Costume Making


Acrylic Painting/Fine Art

Character Creating (Hair, makeup & fashion)



Studio Band


Audio/Video Recording


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2018 Summer Camp Brochure

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Free Class Trials until the end of January

We’re celebrating the announcement of our new class schedule with 10 days of free trial classes at Kat’s Artist Tree.  Below is a complete schedule of every group class that is offering a FREE TRIAL between now and the end of January.

These classes are open to current students and newcomers.  You will find every class fun and educational, with great teachers and fellow students.

Sign up for your free trial by registering here.  Once you have completed the registration form, you will be able to view our complete schedule of classes and register for the Trials of your choice.

Or you can call our staff at 623-792-7000 and they will be happy to assist you.


Monday 1/22

4:30 – 5:45: Visual Arts

5:45 – 6:30: Hip Hop Dance

6:00 – 7:15: Visual Arts

6:30 – 7:30: Tap Dance NEW CLASS

Tuesday 1/23

5:00 – 6:00: Acro Dance

5:15 – 6:00: Group Voice (ages 5-10)

6:00 – 6:45: Musical Theatre (ages 7+)

7:00 – 8:00: Fencing

Wednesday 1/24

4:00 – 4:45: Creative Movement / Tap

4:45 – 5:45: Ballet (ages 5-9)

5:45 – 6:45: Ballet (ages 10+)

7:00 – 8:00: Ballet (ages 13+)

Thursday 1/25

5:00 – 6:00: Audition Class (ages 9+) NEW CLASS

6:00 – 7:00: Group Voice

6:00 – 7:00: Jazz Dance

Friday 1/26

4:30 – 5:15: Ballroom Dancing

5:45 – 6:30: Move & Groove NEW CLASS

5:00 – 6:00: Jazz Dance NEW CLASS – advanced students

6:00 – 7:00: Hip Hop Dance NEW CLASS – advanced students

7:00 – 8:00: Ballet NEW CLASS – advanced students

Saturday 1/27

9:00 – 1:00: ADULT Barre Fitness Class

11:00 – 12:00:  Visual Art

11:30 – 12:00: Creative Movement

12:15 – 1:15: Ballet (ages 10+)

1:15 – 2:15: Ballet (ages 5-9)

Monday 1/29

4:30 – 5:45: Visual Arts

5:45 – 6:30: Hip Hop Dance

6:00 – 7:15: Visual Arts

6:30 – 7:30: Tap Dance NEW CLASS

Tuesday 1/30

5:00 – 6:00: Acro Dance

5:15 – 6:00: Group Voice (ages 5-10)

6:00 – 6:45: Musical Theatre (ages 7+)

7:00 – 8:00: Fencing

Wednesday 1/31

4:00 – 4:45: Creative Movement / Tap

4:45 – 5:45: Ballet (ages 5-9)

5:45 – 6:45: Ballet (ages 10+)

7:00 – 8:00: Ballet (ages 13+)

7:00 – 8:00: Rock Band Class


REGISTER FOR YOUR TRIAL ONLINE by completing the form and then selecting the Trial class of your choice from our calendar.  Or call 623-792-7000 to speak to our staff about getting started.

You can also view the complete class schedule (effective Feb. 1)

Kat’s Artist Tree announces our NEW DANCE PROGRAM

Kat’s Artist Tree announces our NEW DANCE PROGRAM

Beginning in February Kat’s Artist Tree is launching a completely revised dance program. Our new program will offer more variety, more challenging classes, and a stronger focus on performance including competitions.

Join us for TEN DAYS OF DANCE Jan. 22-31 – during this limited time students can UNLIMITED FREE TRIALS of our dance classes.

New classes include TAP DANCE (Levels 1 & 2), MOVE & GROOVE (for pre-schoolers), and a new DANCE COMPANY focused on performance opportunities.

In addition, we are pleased to introduce an ADULT BARRE FITNESS class. Drawing from Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates, Barre Fitness is the newest way to get in amazing shape. You don’t need any dance experience to enjoy this low-impact class.

Come for a FREE TRIAL OF ADULT BARRE FITNESS (with free babysitting) on January 27th from 9-10am.

Call Kat’s Artist Tree @ 623-792-7000 or learn more about our new classes at https://katsartisttree.com/dance-classes/

2017 Summer Camps Are Here!

Our popular Summer Camps are BACK  with even more incredible and creative ideas for kids of all ages.  Whether you are in to Song, Dance, Creative Art Projects, or Digital Media, we have a camp for you!

Skip to the good stuff: download our

2017 Summer Camp Brochure

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Summer Camp Lineup

Three Art Camps to choose from

Two “Little Artists” camps for 2-6 year-olds

Two Piano Camps

Musical Theatre

Tune & Jingle Writing

Rock Band


Singing & Acting


Retro-Fashion & Modeling


Voice Performance

Music-Video Making

For More Info or to Register Download:

Kats Summer Camps 2017

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2016 Summer Camps Announced


Get ready to get creative this Summer 2016!  Summer Camps at Kat’s Artist Tree are here and we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s lineup of amazingly fun camps.  We’ve brought back some of your perennial favorites and added several new introductions sure to capture students’ imagination.  We’ve also brought back these popular chances to save money this summer:



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2016 Summer Camp Booklet and

2016 Summer Camp Registration form

Summer Camp Banner

Summer Camp Lineup

Voice Performance CampSongwriting Camp-9011

In this camp, students will learn how to challenge their talent, their ears, and their heart.  We will be working on Solo Singing, Ensemble Harmonizing, and bringing out the emotional aspect of performance.  We will also discuss how performances technique varies when singing with live music versus pre-recorded tracks and students will have the opportunity to sing with different accompanying instruments.

June 6th – 10th 9:00-1:30 … $175

396708c66545baf4b9b1259d2a452606Art Camp I

This Art Camp will give  students the chance to learn about the styles of two  great figures in Art history.   In addition,students will work on large-format works such as murals and more detail-oriented  projects.  Topics will include:

Dripping paint with Pollock ~ Masking-Tape Mural

3D Art ~ Sharpie-Marker Mugs

Making Modigliani-style portraits

June 6th – 10th 9:00-1:30 … $175

Recording Arts CampTheatre-9048

Are you interested in learning the basics of modern recording techniques?  Join us in our NEW Recording Studio to learn about the equipment and process of creating amazing recordings.  Students will also learn some of the basic principles of sound and audio.  This Camp will pair perfectly with the Songwriting Camp for students interested in being their own Music Producers!

June 13th – June 17th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Little Artists Camp

The Little Artist Camp will bring a combination of Eurythmic, Art, Singing, Dancing and Creative Play.  Children will listen to stories and develop their expression while learning musical and artistic fundamentals in a fun, creative way.  Each day will focus on a different art form.

June 13th – 17th  9:30 – 12:00 …  $165

Theatre-8866Musical Theatre

This year’s musical theatre camp will take advantage of the fantastic theatre at Kat’s Artist tree to present a full show including lights, costumes, sound and all of the elements that go into a fully staged theatre production.  This camp will give students the opportunity to use their creative minds and help them learn the basics of stage work, whether it be acting or singing. Students of all experience levels will have a chance to take part in the production, build self confidence, make lasting friendships, and learn to be a team player.  At the end of the two-week camp students will perform for friends and families in the new Theatre at Kat’s Artist Tree.

June 20th – July 1st 9:00-1:30 … $325


Students in the Piano Camp will be allowed to Theatre-9070experience many areas not typically covered in group classes or private lessons.  These include music theory, technique building exercises, and musicianship development, as well as exposure to  music from different periods.  In addition, we will have guest pianists visiting the camp to work with the students and give them professional insight into the music making process.

June 20th – June 23rd … $175     and/or      July 5th – 8th  … $175   –  9:00 – 1:30

Rock BandRick Photo 1

We’re looking for our most passionate music students to form a band!  Guitar, Piano, Drum,, and Vocal students are encouraged to join the band.  There are so many talented students at Kat’s Artist Tree that this band has the potential to be a big success with performance opportunities lasting beyond the end of the camp.

July 5th – July 8th  9:00 – 1:30 … $175


This camp will help students take their song from idea to reality.  Students of any instrument can sign up to work on composing, arranging and writing their song.  As part of the camp students will receive guidance toward proper Copywriting.  We encourage students who take part in this camp to take advantage of the Song Recording Camp to turn their song into a finished recording.

June 27th – July 1st 9:00 – 1:30 … $175


Theatre-9053Song Recording

For students that have a song they want to record, this camp will give students the chance to get behind the microphone and turn their dream to reality.  This camp is perfect for students from the Songwriting camp to record their original works but it is also a great opportunity for students who wish to record a cover song or even classical pieces.  Open to all instruments and voices.

July 11th – July 15th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

bc113e06fdcdeb0ff28a70246de80aedArts & Crafts

Get in touch with your creative side with this fun camp that explores the world of Arts & Crafts.   Students will be exposed to the traditions of Ancient Greece, Stamping, Van Gogh, and more through different activities every day.  Activities will include:

Wooden spoon puppets ~ Ancient Greek Amphora in paper maiche.

Creating an Art Calendar ~ Fun with stamping ~ Van Gogh still life

July 11th – 15th 9:00-1:30 … $175

Singing & Acting

This camp will give younger students the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with professional performing artists.  Intended for aspiring performers, campers will learn the basics of performing, auditioning, presentation, and dealing with stage fright.  Students will also be working on the professional level equipment available at the Kat’s Artist Tree Theater.

July 25th – July 29th 9:00 – 1:30 … $175


Eco-Fashion ShowMexico 2015-7836

In this camp students will make their own ECO fashion, designing clothing from reusable or recycled items.  Campers will also repurpose old clothing, transforming it into new and unique fashion statements!  The camp will end with a professional fashion show hosted by our campers.  If you want to design, model, or do both, this camp is for you!

July 18th – July 22nd 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

Photography CampPhoto Camp-7108

Photo-campers will focus on getting the right exposure, composition, lighting, posing and how to get tack sharp focus. We will also look at different types of photography such as Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, and more.  Students will practice those skills by working with the other camps happening during the same time period.  Last year’s photography camp created some amazing photographs – We can’t wait to see what comes out this year!

July 18th – July 22nd 9:00 – 1:30 … $175

 To Register Download:

2016 Summer Camp Registration

call 623-792-7000

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2016 Summer Camp Booklet

New Classes for Fall!

This is always an exciting time of year.  As kids find themselves heading back to school an entire world of possibilities begins to open up.  New teachers and new friends are only just the beginning of a list of reasons to be excited.  This time of year excites us a Kat’s Artist Tree as well because we now get to announce our NEWEST CLASSES!

Songwriting Class

Each class will alternate between group instruction and individual development/coaching. This will enable tailoring each activity to the level that each student is currently at in their advancement, with the goal of each moving ahead by several units to progress forward. Each student will work on developing their own songs to the point that they can be performed and/or recorded as professional level demos.

Meets Wednesdays 6:30-7:30

Recording Class

Students in the Recording Class will get hands-on experience in the new UPstage Recording Studio at Kat’s Artist Tree.  From proper mic technique to creating beats and mixing audio, students will gain one-of-a-kind experience.  Topics will not only include how to record others, but also how to realize music from their own imagination: a perfect compliment to the Songwriting Class.

Meets Thursdays 6:00-7:00 pm

Jazz Dance Class

Jazz Dance classes are fun and energetic. They include such elements as kicks, leaps, turns, splits, and isolations. Classes include stretch and strengthening exercises, floor work, and across the floor progressions in addition to a center floor combinations.

Meets Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00 and 6:00 – 7:00

Costume Making Class

This is a creative hands on course where students are able to acquire or build upon any sewing knowledge which will then turn into the individual student creating a piece or pieces for their own costume. Students will be able to use their imagination and artistic skills to create a wearable piece of art. In addition to the costuming skills, students will learn about stage makeup to complete an overall look. This class is for the student who is excited about learning those backstage skills.

Meets Saturdays 9:00 – 10:00

Puppet Theatre Class

Students will have an amazing time learning basic puppetry techniques, designing and creating their own sock puppets, building their storytelling skills along with puppetry set design and construction skills. This class is for the student who wants to be artistically creative along with gaining confidence within a performance setting.

Meets Saturdays 10:00 – 11:00

Group Voice for ages 5-10

Young voice are much different from those of “mature” teens and tweens; by popular demand, we are proud to offer a group voice class specifically designed for students in this special age group of 5-10.  Classes will emphasize the development of good vocal technique to ensure an long and happy life of healthy singing.

Meets Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:00